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    TapMe is a combination of an NFC enabled product and a personal 'tapme.pro/name' online profile that is linked to your TapMe product.

    This integrated combination allows you to exchange contact info via a short link (tapme.pro/user), QR code, or NFC business card with a simple tap or scan.

    No. When you have a new connection tap your NFC enabled card, your online profile instanly appears on their mobile web-browser (Safari or Chrome). No app is needed to get your contact information.

    TapMe is absolutely free to use. TapMe product makes it easier to share your online profile when meeting in person. You can also upgrade your TapMe account to have added features.

    Yes! After you created your TapMe all details can be changed afterwards at anytime.

    This is another advantage of having a TapMe product - you will not have to order a new business card when changes occur.

    Using a tap or scan, TapMe products work on all modern smartphones.

    The tap function is compatible with NFC enabled phones including iPhones made in 2018 (iPhone XS and newer) and Android phones.

    The QR code is used for older phones without NFC.

    You can also share your TapMe profile via text or email if the other perosn doesn't have their phone.